Too tired to cry (so I laughed)

Onions are people too Mum,
No they are not,
now please go to bed and turn that tv off,
you have school in the morning.
Mum, what are stars made of?
Onions, they’re made of onions,
Now go to bed.



© NickHamon 2018


I leave the toilet seat up

I leave the toilet seat up,
with wet towels over the back of doors
sometimes even left on bathroom floors,
I’ll call you doll face in a patronising way
after sex I’ll leave
and definitely won’t stay,
no cuddle or calls just
straight to ghosting, because
I’m ridiculously and totally
despicably appalling.
But worst of all
I’ll always leave you,


© NickHamon 2018


no longer scared of spiders
had your eye in
whilst I was a heartbroken boy
walking past a toy shop.
I can’t care too much,
I’ll scream a life to death
be found frozen in time
and end as nothing more
than a forgotten whisper.
put your ear to this
prove I did exist
and we belonged
while shouting arguments into songs
you smiled
as my hands scrubbed love around your back
leaving soapy tracks,
in a bath fit for one.



© NickHamon 2018